Iron (County) Chef

The competition was fierce. The dishes deliciously creative. Audience participation animated. If you missed out on this highly energized, comedy drenched culinary event, you missed out! Be sure to join us in 2020!

Kudos to team Hot & Saucy for winning Round One and Chef Kevin Amelio for taking the Award in Round Two!!! Can Amelio hold on to it in 2020?

Team Hot & Saucy

Team Shake It U.P.

Team Game of Knows

The Details – round 1

There will be three teams consisting of two amateur chefs supported by a coach. Each team will have a stocked cook station and access to a pantry. Each team will be given an identical box containing ‘surprise’ ingredients which must be used in creating four plated entrée dishes (which must be the same). Teams will have 45 minutes to prepare their plated dishes.

The Details – round 2

The winning team from round 1 will square off against Fire Brick Executive Chef Kevin Amelio! A new box of ‘surprise’ ingredients will be given to each team. The clock will be reset for 45 minutes and a winner for Iron (County) Chef 2019 will be proclaimed!

The Fine Print

Five minutes after the competition begins, the pantry will close. Teams needing additional ingredients or supplies will need the help of the audience. You can help your team buy purchasing Cheat Cards for your team. Want to stump a team? Buy a cheat card that makes them stop all work for two minutes or steal one of their ingredients for another team. Audience participation and ‘cheating’ will help your favorite team win! Its all for fun! Each team will have a mic and you will be able to interact with them as they struggle their way through this laugh-a-minute meal prep!

About the Judges…

In this competition, judges CAN be bought! That’s right, for round 1 we’re picking the judges right out of the audience -for a price! Bidding will begin as the competition gets under way and will keep going until there are three judges seated at the table! Want your team to win? Buy a judgeship!

Round 2 Judges

Round 2 judges will be selected by raffle. Buy as many raffle tickets as you want! At the end of round 1, we’ll pull three raffle tickets to select the judges for the final round

4 plates – three judges =

You noticed! Teams will create four plated entrees -one for each judge and one to be auctioned off to the highest bidder for each team! Want to taste the deliciousness created by each team? Here’s your chance!