The Teams

Congratulations to Team Hot & Saucy for winning Round One!!! Congratulations to Chef Kevin Amelio for winning the 2019 title of Iron (County) Chef by beating Hot & Saucy in Round Two!!!

Team Name: Game of Knows
Team Members: Vicky (Crystal) Prewitt & daughter Nicole Brand
Coach: Susan Schuytema
Sponsors: Patrons of Alpha Michigan Brewing Company
Team Moto: We drink coffee, we know things!

Team Game of Knows

Team Name: Hot & Saucy
Team Members: Nick Baumbgartner & Sari Franzene-Jacobson
Coach: Darin Long
Sponsors: Patrons of Snipe Lake Pub & Grill

Team Hot & Saucy

Team Name: Shake it U.P
Team Members: Adam Holroyd & Chris Cheney
Coach: Kristina Nelson-Waara
Sponsors: Patrons of Contrast Coffee

Team Shake It U.P.